Wednesday, 28 January 2015


This is a universal quote and I like it because it can relate to anyone. Muslim, Christian or non-believers. I believe that every night when you go to sleep, the Angel of Death asks Allah (God) whether your time is up and every morning when you wake up God has told the Angel of Death it is not your time yet. Hence why we like to say Al Hamdulileh and strive to make the days count. 
Each day is a blessing, another chance for you to ask for mercy, another day to see the sunrise and set, another day to see your loved ones and another opportunity to learn, give charity, become closer to God, pray and any other good deed you can think of. 

We all go through hard times in life, we all have secrets, we all have family troubles, we are so unique yet identical at the same time. Life is a journey, it is yours, it was given to you. How amazing is that miracle. 

A story about me, I almost died when I was being born. Al Hamdulilah. I don't know the exact story, however my mum told me that her 3rd pregnancy was a miscarriage and she was told by doctors that she cannot conceive again for medical reasons. My mum felt fine about this, she already had two children and was grateful enough. However a year later, she fell pregnant, the doctors were shocked and could not understand how it was possible. That baby was me. They were not sure if I would survive, however everything went fine until labour. They had to do an emergency cesarean on my mum to save my life. Al Hamdulilah we both survived. 

For the babies who don't survive, Why does God take away babies and children? I pondered about this question a lot, it never made me believe in Him any less and I always understood that everything happens for a reason. Although, saying that I have never had to experience my baby dying. El Hamdullilah. So after thinking, I have come to think that God doesn't take babies away. He takes them to Janah (Heaven) because every child who dies goes to Heaven. Therefore he has saved the child for something better, only God Knows for He only chooses the best. He knows that it was the best thing and we only find out later. There is no direct answer but this is just what I think. Some parts of life and some of our questions are simply only God Knows. He is the creator of everything and that is the miracle. 

What do you do to make your life count?

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