Friday, 23 January 2015

Living in Egypt

My story began when I was 20. I quit my job (call centre) booked a one-way flight to Sharm el Sheikh and never looked back. Literally. 
There is no place like it, some days I hate it and some days I love it. That is life. There are some parts you simply cannot compare with living in the UK and in other ways it makes me miss my home.
Some things I love are, the culture, the weather and the picture perfect sky. Every single day I am happy to wake up to sunshine, good temperatures (Although in the Summer months you sweat a lot as it's up to 45 degrees) There are many good people, Egyptian people are polite, friendly and very hospitable. 

Life is simple and more easy! You only have to walk a few minutes to the beach, to the shops, to Starbucks, to a restaurant etc. 
The cost of living is more cheap! I used to take a micro-bus to work every day it was a 20 minute journey and cost 2 L.E which is around 16p in GBP. Can you imagine in the UK paying 16p for anything never mind a bus journey. LOL. 
I love my apartment and my life here with my partner and have a few selected, great friends! 

The difficult parts which can happen in day to day life, some things I struggle but try to embrace are...

The men. Some days when I leave the house I feel like a prostitute by walking through the street. Men staring, whistling like I am a cat. Smiling or being patronising. I fucking can't stand it. Why does this happen I will never know! But I know that I will never ever raise a son like that. My son will respect all women no matter what they look like or do. Especially one who is just walking and minding her own business. I dress modestly, I pay no attention to anyone and I am never loud in the street and it can still happen (not always mind you.) For a long time it used to make me so angry and upset, I would even cry once I got home because I couldn't understand why. 
After some time talking with my partner, I have come to a little bit more peace with it - I simply say in my head "God forgive you" As it is actually a sin for any man to look at you more than once or in any lustful kind of way. This helps me in times when all I want to do is scream at them or smack them hard across the face. HAHA. 

I have even began asking God to help me and I believe it is working. More often than not I am left alone without any hassle these days which I love! 
In life there is good and bad, in people there is good and evil you and no matter where you go in life it will have good parts and bad! Therefore, I am truly grateful to live here and hope nobody feels threatened by what I have written about "The Egyptian men." Ofcourse, there are good, respectful men aswell hence why I am engaged to one. I am under no illusion how different Sharm el Sheikh is compared to other parts of Egypt aswell. If you are a tourist visiting Sharm, you also have nothing to worry about - it just changes when you live here. An average holiday is 2 weeks and you are not used to "hassling" which by I don't mean physical just stupid comments which most tourists would either find amusing or threatless as it doesn't happen often. Only as a citizen, you face it every single day does it start to annoy you. 

I really don't want this post to be negative about the Egyptian people in any way. My future children will be Egyptian and I am no way racist, just the point of view of a British girl living abroad. If you are thinking about coming to Egypt do not hesitate it is an amazing country!

*All pictures are my own

Thanks for reading my post! If you have any questions leave a comment below xxxxx

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