Monday, 26 January 2015

Job Interview Techniques

When you walk into that interview, head held high and smiling, you should be confident, you should be proud, they invited you for the interview, you know you are good enough and beneficial for their company so always have in your mind that it is 50% their decision and 50% yours aswell.  For sure you have only applied because you know you can do it. (This is not advised if you have applied for NASA without any background in space or science) HAHA 

Even if you lack experience, do not let it hold you back. Most skills can be translated into other fields. When I went for an interview for one of the best hotel's in the world, without the experience to do the job I was applying for I didn't expect to be offered the job, I was thinking "what have I got to lose?" And so, all the skills that I needed for the job, I had however in different forms and the rest I was taught during my training. 
This was the biggest confidence boost I have had and we will all get a similar feeling or proud moment in life. We should remember that moment and your self admiration then use it for any job that you desire. 

As far as preparation for the interview goes, I would advise it. How much you advise depends on you. I like to know a few facts about the hotel/company I am applying for. I like to know the person's name who invited me for the interview and I like to read their customer feedback to show my interest and how I plan to help their brand. 
However, I never have robotic answers ready as they hardly ever ask you what you think they will ask you!  

Lastly, the most important thing is to smile, relax as it helps your body language appear cool and collected, smile more and be yourself. 
AND if you DON'T get the job. Say Al Hamdulilah (Thanks Be to God) because I promise you, if something is not meant for you it's because Allah (God) has something better in mind. Nothing is ever taken away from you unless that was the BEST option. He is looking after each one of us and He is the best of planners. 

Let me know your interview tips? 

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