Monday, 26 January 2015

Prejudices of Being a Muslim Woman

Their guidance is not your responsibility, but God guides whom He wills. Any charity you give is for your own good. Any charity you give shall be for the sake of God. Any charity you give will be repaid to you in full, and you will not be wronged.

This is from Quran and I feel privelaged, to say the least that I am being guided in my Adult life. Here are some points which I feel, some people are thinking about me, or other Muslim women around the world. Here goes...

- We all wear a Burka or atleast a Hijab
- We only like other Muslims 
- We are stuck up and think we are better than everyone else
- We are non-educated
- We all stay at home to tidy and we are not allowed to work
- We are not allowed to drive
- We are forced into an arranged marriages
- We don't have cars, we get around on camels
- Being Muslim somehow stops us from enjoying life the same
- We are potential suicide bombers
- We don't belive in Christianity and Jesus
- We are not allowed to listen to music

I'm sorry for the underlying tone of sarcasm in my points however sometimes this is how ridiculous I find people's opinions and prejudices of Muslim Women, especially from the Middle East. I can tell you that it is all wrong, probably everything you have ever seen on the news or read in the newspaper is biased at the least and mostly artifical. 
People should differenciate Muslim people from Islam the religion, Muslim means we are people who follow the guidance of Islam and everything in Quran (The Holy Book) is perfect, however that does not mean Muslim people are perfect. 
My friend once said her biggest achievement was becoming a Muslim and I can't wait to say my Shahada and become a Muslim Insha'Allah (God Willing). 
Let me know what prejudices you have faced? I realised living in the East and the West will have completely different opinions on this and thankfully I am British however living in the Middle East has opened my mind Al Hamdulilah (Thanks be to God).

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