Sunday, 25 January 2015

Muslim Fashion

I think we all agree that being modest is the ultimate goal, whether some Muslim women wear all black and cover even their fingers and other women wear a turban and some wear headscarf and some wear nothing to cover their hair and only cover their chest. 

I find it difficult to cover up completely and still look like me and feel comfortable. I found DINA TOKI-O on youtube who's style is lovely, so shique and modest yet still a look I can relate to. If I am honest, I am still a woman and we are all concerned about how we look - becoming Muslim will not change that. 

Another great role model, especially on how to dress for me is Habiba Da Silva - you can search these women on Youtube as they are great!!! They are women who believe in their religion firstly and at the same time, maybe unintentionally, relate universally even to non-Muslim women. I really admire your courage and your bravery to wear leggings, trainers and a long skirt I think it looks great!!! 

I think one of the greatest things about Islam is that women are important, we are given rights and with those rights comes responsibility. We have to protect what is ours and be proud of it. 
Since becoming Muslim I have struggled with my dress sense. It was a slow process and is still a process. I have had to be creative and instead of binning my entire wardrobe as it is "haram" I have kept most and found other ways to wear them!

I have still not found the courage to wear the hijab, some are very beautiful and some women look amazing in them. I feel strange and a little panicked when I think about covering my hair. Does anyone else have this feeling?

I am looking forward to any tips that you may have and hope you enjoyed my post. 

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  1. Thank you for this great post. It's interesting to learn how a new muslim feels and the changes you have to adjust to. I hope things become a lot easier for you and they will Inshallah. Take each step at a time and do things bit by bit, start getting used to your new life and hopefully you will be able to take it all into your stride. Be positive and as long as your intention and willingness is there everything will fall into place. It won't happen over night but it will happen with time as you progress and learn more Inshallah. All the best and lots of love, Nazira xx