Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Everything in Moderation

If you enjoy a Starbucks coffee (I really do) with a few hundred calories then have one, but make sure to drink green tea/lemon water for the rest of the week. e
If you enjoy wearing heels then wear them however walk bare foot the next day to give relief.
 If you enjoy shopping and spending money then treat yourself but give charity afterwards. If you don't exercise and going to the gym is your worst nightmare then go walking with a friend, it is a good chance to catch up and you don't even know you are exercising. 
If you like to read magazines, no problem just remember to read about important things aswell (Quran, politics, your studies.) 
If you like to work many hours a day to provide for yourself or your family, that is great but don't forget to live. Your time means everything, spend as much time as you can with family. Anything that you like to do, do it in moderation. That is the key to not wasting time, to live a healthy and happy life and to keep yourself appreciating life and "the good things." 

A great motto in life is everything has a limit, do not overcompensate in life. That is why Muslim people love the month of Ramadan; a new chance to start over, to appreciate every drop of water and every bite of food! It is truly the most gratifying feeling. 
Before I became Muslim I never understood fasting and didn't think it would even be possible to fast for so long during the hot Summer months! I did have huge admiration for those who did fast as their religion meant to much to them.
Last year I fasted for the first time for around 5 days. I know it wasn't the whole month so I haven't felt what it feels like completely, however those 5 days I learned so much! It wasn't as hard as I had thought, I was doing it with my Egyptian family, kids and adults, which created a team spirit and was very encouraging to carry on! 
I have never before felt real hunger or real thirst and so when it was time to eat/drink I was so happy and remembered all the millions of poor people in the world who have to walk miles per day for water and how lucky we actually are!
I am looking forward to next Ramadan to hopefully fast properly Insha'Allah.

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